Teenage Choices


First Session: My Choices.

Why I am Valuable to God! Why I am valuable to the world! How to Love myself, Trust Myself and Communicate myself to the world.

Second Session: My Dating Choices.

What is the difference between Dependence, Independence and Interdependence? How do you create your own life romance plan with the 4 stages of Knowledge, Choice, Conflict/Accountability and Love? How to reach the heart of a Man? How to reach the heart of a Woman?

Third Session: My Sexual Choices.

Modern science through brain imaging have come across amazing new discoveries about how we physically change our brains with our sexual activity! Science shows how we bond with each other through sexual activity and how we can actually prevent this bond from happening, even during marriage! When your son or daughter understands why they make the choices they do, it gives him/her the purpose and drive to say “Yes” to what they believe will make their life better today and into the future.

Personal Notebook

Each person will receive a notebook to fill out.  This notebook will give them a referral tool to see how they personally are progressing and to remind them what they have learned.